Ends on April 5, 2019

Edith Barnhart Master Teacher Scholarship
For Honors/AP students participating in Extracurricular Activities
Sponsored by the by Victoria ISD Education Foundation and the O’Connor & Hewitt Foundation

Award amount: $500

The Master Teacher Scholarships recognize VISD teachers with 10 or more years teaching experience who have had a significant influence on VISD students.  Mrs. Barnhart, a chemistry teacher at Victoria High School for over thirty-five years, was named VISD Master Teacher in 1999.

Are you a VISD graduating senior who

  • completed at least four Honors/Pre-AP/AP classes during high school, 
  • earned a four-year cumulative average of 90 or better,
  • received no conduct grade below a B during senior year,
  • received no discipline referrals during senior year, and
  • participated in a minimum of two extracurricular activities?

If you answered yes, you are eligible to apply for the Edith Barnhart Master Teacher Scholarship.